We offer lessons in: Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Violin, Brass

Piano Lessons for all ages and levels!

We offer private lessons for students ages 6 and up, from first time beginners through advanced levels. Lessons are for everyone - from Recreational Music Makers to National Competition Winners, we are here to guide you every step of the way.  We have options for 30, 45, and 60 minute weekly private lessons.  Many students also choose 2 lessons/week to effectively accelerate learning!


We are also excited to offer group piano classes to students ages 4-6 instilling a solid music foundation and life-long love of music and learning. Group lessons are 45-minutes in length, once a week, and are and excellent introduction to the keyboard, solid fundamental music theory, rhythm and note reading concepts, technique, and experiencing joy through music making.


Practice Partners

At Musical Minds, We believe the more you practice, the faster you will improve. The fastest way to learn how to play the piano is with a teacher. For most beginning pianists, the biggest obstacle is not knowing how to practice.  With a high quality daily routine of consistent and effective practice, anyone can develop into a confident and expressive piano player.  Practicing is the time to make mistakes, not take shortcuts, and to try to find mistakes and fix them.  Our practice partners can help with slow practice, hands apart practice, repetition, reading music, music theory, counting, and dividing the music into phrases/passages.  Try once, twice, or three times a week!

Let us come to you. Premium in-home lessons!

Musical Minds Conservatory of Windermere is proud to offer premium in-home lessons to clients in Windermere and the surrounding areas.

We offer 30, 45, and 60-minute private lessons in your home for your convenience.  All teachers undergo background checks for your peace of mind.

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Private Lessons

Vocal Lessons


We offer vocal lessons that are enjoyable and exciting while focusing on creating a solid technical foundation for each student, enhanced pitch and tone recognition, and singing songs in a variety of styles. We also offer vocal coaching for special auditions or events. 

Guitar Lessons


You are sure to excel with these motivating guitar lessons.  We offer jazz and classical guitar from the basics through intermediate and advanced concepts.  We teach all genres of music including current songs that students know and love.

Violin Lessons


Experience violin lessons that are energetic and inspiring.  From basic rudiments to folk songs and popular classics, these lessons are the perfect start to learning to play this beautiful instrument.

Brass Lessons


We're proud to offer private lessons for trombone, trumpet, cornet and euphonium from a degreed brass performance Major.  Focusing on tone, timbre, and embouchure as well as fingerings and rhythms, you're sure to be miles ahead of the competition in no time!

Composition/ Theory lessons

Composition Lessons

Musical Composition is the process of making your very own piece of music by combining elements of music such as melody, harmony and rhythm.

Anyone can be a composer!  It is rewarding and fun.  Composition lessons will consist of learning to take a simple motif and turn it into a fully notated composition.  We will study many composition tools, techniques, styles, and theory elements that will help you complete your original masterpiece!

Theory Lessons

Music Theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music.  If this sounds intriguing, theory lessons are for you! From weekly ear-training practice to in-depth theory concept exploration, time signatures, intervals, harmonic and melodic analysis, and more. Whether you're at a beginner or an advanced level, increased theory understanding helps you be a more musical and artistic musician!

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